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The performance "Emigrants" will take place in Ukrainian cities in 2023.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Emigrants"?

  1. A masterpiece of Polish and world drama.
  2. Actual plot and complex images of heroes.
  3. Powerful impressions and a reason for important reflections.

The play "Emigrants"

The performance is based on the well-known play by the Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek. Production group:
  • production director - Dmytro Demkiv;
  • staging and translation - Dmytro Demkiv;
  • music arrangement – Ivan Rudenko;
  • sound engineer - Kostyantyn Skrypun;
  • scenography, costumes - Dmytro Demkiv, Alina Hayvoronska.
Performers: David Dududchava and Pavlo Primak.

Clash of two worldviews in the play "Emigrants"

A dramatic production brings to light things that are not usually discussed in public. The main characters are two emigrant men whose names the viewer does not even know. They are completely different, but they are united by their life circumstances. Both found themselves in a foreign country, without the opportunity to see their relatives, to rejoice in the success of their children... The men rent an inexpensive apartment together, where they are forced to celebrate the New Year together. The situation encourages a sincere conversation. Both are sure that they know each other well. But is it so? And aren't their stories about plans and dreams self-deception? The performance will be remembered and will leave vivid memories, come!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Emigrants"?

You can order tickets at any time convenient for you at Concert.ua.