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Why go to concert YUKO?

1. Be in the trend of modern musical trends, discover the folktronica style and take a look at the phenomenal duo that emerged on the "Voice of the Country" show.
2. Fantastic sound from Stas Korolev and powerful voice of Julia Yurina
3. Fully give in to the wild rave under the legendary "Hreblia", "Masha", "Zayenka" and other hits.

Yuko is a mixture of folklore and electronics, which is able to lead the loudest raves.

The group's history begins with the meeting of Julia Yurina and Stas Korolev in 2016 at the "Voice of the Country" show, after which the artists began to create music in the tandem on the initiative of mentor Ivan Dorn. On the stage, they are the only harmonious organism, and the material used by YUKO in the work is real Ukrainian songs of ancestors, collected by folklorists and Julia himself from different parts of the country.

They went from the first single "Masha" and EP in 2017 to the full-length album "Ditch", performances at eminent festivals and the full hall at the first solo concert.

What's next? Just more. Reinterpreting folk themes. Synthesis of history and innovations.

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