Е means envy

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Why is it worth going to the play Е means envy?

1. The inventive plot
2. An excellent occasion to spend time with your mate
3. Good mood

100% comedy, with erotic overtones and hidden meaning, according to the play of Alexander Volos.

Actions - today's world. In a married couple, surprisingly surrounding, everything is good, there is prosperity, comfort and harmony prevails in the house. Between the spouses, excellent mutual understanding and harmony. We can say that everything is almost perfect. Such an oasis of paradise, amid misfortunes and misfortunes, which haunts many. To protect their small paradise from others and their envy, the couple come up with several interesting ways.

Male Costa Rica
Wife - Alesya Lifantiy
Prostitute Margot - Lia Romanova
Alla's friend - Daria Poleshchuk
Girlfriend Marina - Irina Vityak

Director: Elena Nevolko

Small Scene
In Russian
Duration: 90 minutes, without intermission
Age 18+
Attention, in the performance, profanity and scenes of an erotic nature!

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