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Bought for $3

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The performance "Bought for $3" in Lviv at the OKO Theater.

Why should you go to the theater for the performance "Bought for $3" in Lviv?

  1. An unusual performance for young viewers.
  2. An interesting plot with unpredictable turns of events.
  3. A guarantee of a good mood and new bright impressions.

The play "Bought for $3" in Lviv

OKO Theater invites children to a new interactive performance-fair based on the folk tale "The Goat-Dereza"! Every spectator will feel like a participant in the events on stage. So there will be enough impressions and emotions for everyone! The director of the play is Halyna Ryba.

Unbelievable adventures at a real fair, where anything can be waiting for you

A fair is usually a lot of goods that can be bought with money. As if everything is simple. But this fair will not be as simple as it seems. After all, some products on it are beautiful and attractive only at first glance. And what's inside - we still have to figure it out! So come to the fun and noisy fair where everything is sold for unusual OkObucks. Your help in procurement is very much needed! The duration of the performance is 60 minutes. Age category – 6+. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Bought for $3" in Lviv?

You can order tickets for your listeners at Concert.ua online.