For two hares 16+

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Why should you go to the play "For Two Hares"?

1. View the modern theatrical embodiment of the Ukrainian literary classics.
2. To see the premiere performance of the Theater on Podol.
3. Laugh from the heart.

Fake in two acts - this is how the creators of the play defined the genre of their work. The production is based on the play by Oksana Prybish, based on the immortal works of Ivan Nechui-Levitsky and Mikhail Staritsky.

The protagonist is a smart and witty young man. It would seem that he is exactly waiting for a bright future, for which he has already set up grandiose plans. But there is one catch - he has many, many debts. So, for the guy begins the quest. He has 5 days, 2 girls in mind and only 1 chance to get out of the current situation as a winner. True, the road to the exit lies through the registry office, but these are nuances. Everything could have been perfect if the mother of one of the brides had not interfered with the plans of the scoundrel...

The comedy play “For Two Hares” is almost a century and a half, but it doesn’t lose its charm and actuality at all. Moreover, the authors of the play made it absolutely modern - the action takes place in our time.

The premiere date is February 1, 2019.
The performance is in Ukrainian.
Director - Igor Matiev.

Do not miss this sparkling performance!