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PREMIERE! One day before the end of the world

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The day before your own doomsday, you can afford everything, right ?! Even live your whole life in one day! After all, when time is invariable, everything is felt brighter, blood flows through the veins faster, feelings and emotions become aggravated. Risk and real danger make life tastier.

The story is about finding yourself in this not perfect world, about overcoming prejudices, and, finally, about complete trust in a stranger, whom you met in a dubious place.

They barely know each other, but She called, and He responded to take the risk and carry out the most important act in life together. Above them - bright stars, under them - a deep abyss, around - high mountains, and in the soul, instead of emptiness, something new and still unknown begins to sprout, stormy passions are raging! Will the last day spent together among the beauty of the fjords change their minds?

Hurry up to plunge into the intimacy of the atmosphere on Stage 38!

  • Director - Natalia Sivanenkom
  • Artist - Yulia Zaulichny
  • Characters and performers:
  • Julia - Senya Dolyak
  • August - Alexander Koval

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