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Why should I go to the play "Behind the Glass"?

1. "Behind the Glass" - the first production of "Theater on the Tea".
2. The production will tell about all the features of the theatrical "kitchen".
3. Viewers can feel themselves as part of the friendly family of the Theater on the Tea.

We invite everyone to one of the most significant and important performances of the "Theater on Tea" - "Behind the Glass."

Director: Alexander Onischenko. The roles are played by: Alexander Boyko, Petr Lipinsky, Elena Yuzvak and Ruslana Rudaya. You are waiting for the production, not burdened with academic performance. Instead, you will hear a fascinating story - about actors, heroes and their mutual influence.

"Behind the glass" is especially important for the theater performance: it was this production that first introduced the audience to the collective of the "Teatro na Chaynoy". The work itself has gone through more than one edition and has been noted at many festivals.

But still it remains a calling card for the audience. Waiting for everybody!

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