Mysterious night killing of a dog

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At the heart of the play is Marc Haddon's novel, which has long become a world bestseller.

Before Christopher lies a dead neighbor's dog. On the clock is seven minutes of the first night, and the boy is the main suspect. Christopher decides to find the killer of the dog, not assuming that this investigation will throw him into the thick of the complex and unpredictable relations of adults, and make the impossible - change the usual course of life.

Christopher Boone has a phenomenal memory and is good for animals, but can not stand when he is touched, and does not understand anything about human emotions. He loves red color, the mission of "Apollo", Sherlock Holmes and dreams of becoming a mathematician.

This story, where the detective is intertwined with melodrama and comedy, is full of dramatic drama: the teenager with autism, unable to experience emotions, helped adults solve the impossible task for them - to learn to love each other.

Production - Kirill Kashlikov.

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