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February 16 and March 29 in the Great Hall of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after The play “Backstage Comedy” based on the play “The Chicken” by Nikolai Kolyada will be held by P. I. Tchaikovsky (the former conservatory).

The play was played at one time

Natalya Krachkovskaya, Mikhail Konkin, Natalya Gundareva, Svetlana Kryuchkova ... Today, the main role is ANNA VARPAKHOVSKAYA.

The play takes place in a small provincial theater in the small contingent town of Doshatov during the sunset of the Soviet regime! And although the town and the theater itself with its inhabitants were invented by the author, the characters' characters, their joys and sorrows, numerous theatrical intrigues, the struggle for survival are very close to reality. Here, as through a magnifying glass, all the unsightly sides of the backstage struggle for a place in the sun, for roles, for primacy are exposed. It seems that there would be nothing to sympathize with the heroes of the play, if not for the magic of the THEATER! As soon as the actors of the Doshchatov troupe start rehearsing, everything that is vain and petty fades into the background and disappears ... The stage, acting profession, art unite these different and difficult people in a single and wonderful impulse - to serve THEATER!

Actors and performers:
Alla, the leading actress of the Doschat Theater - ANNA VARPAHOV
Vasily, the administrator of the theater and part-time actor for wordless episodes, the husband of Alla, - MIKHAIL JONIN
Diana, an actress of the theater for secondary roles, Alla's friend, - LIDIA YAREMCHUK
Fedor, permanent director of the theater, Diana's ex-husband, SERGEY MELNIK
Nonna, "The Chicken", a young actress, promising - OLGA OLEXIY
Director and set design - GRIGORY ZISKIN (Canada)
Performance leads - TATIANA SHESTOPALOVA
Music from the works of J. Bizet, F. Chopin, D. Shostakovich, V. Agapkin
The duration of the performance is 1 hour 50 minutes. with intermission.


“The hall freezes, carefully listening to every word, then bursts into applause, laughing heartily. And all because he knows what is happening, if (God forbid!) Yourself, then at least one of his friends, neighbors or colleagues. Each time, at least once, fate was confronted with the same boyfriend who was brilliantly embodied by Anna Varpakhovskaya ”(Lyudmila Pruzhanskaya,“ Our Newspaper ”, Montreal, Canada).

“The miracle of this performance is this: the three actresses, the main director and the administrator in their nervous and overstressed relationships are either completely sincere,
either fake or fall into the state of the roles they once played. Thus, actors in the context of dramatic material are forced repeatedly
change the way you exist in a role. And they do it brilliantly! Varpakhovskaya does not masterfully go over, but swims from state to state, from intonation to
intonation, unfolding with a bright fan a comical and dramatic image of the premiere, between the fingers of which time is running out. Its time! ”(Valentina Zabolotnaya, The Day newspaper)
“A fantastic work was done to turn this play - a joke in fact - into a serious performance, and it turned out to be a tragedy. And this is now a rare genre that is in high demand ”(Alexander Belenky,“ Working Newspaper ”).


You can order tickets for the performance "Backstage Comedy" on the website. Tickets are also available at the box office of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.I. Tchaikovsky.

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