Too happy father

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If you liked the "Too Married Taxi Driver", which was recently set up by the National Theater of the Russian Rudsdam, then welcome to a new production that is guaranteed to win your heart. Meet: "Too Happy Father" on October 26! Non-banal comedy from the English master of "sitcoms" Ray Kuni, which organically continues the story of "taxi driver."

A law-abiding citizen and in all respects an approximate spouse, Mr. Smith, would gladly keep his double life alive by living on two families. But, all the secret becomes clear due to the "World Wide Web" - his grown-up kids accidentally meet on the Internet. Now "daddy" just do not get off! Mr. Smith is so confused in the web of his own lies that it's not easy to solve problems. What will be the final? Believe me, he will simply stun you.

Translation from the English play R. Kuni with the original title "The Pope in the Spiderweb" - Mikhail Mishin. And the best of the best worked on the implementation of the intricate plot: director Oleg Nikitin, stage designer Elena Korchina, director Irina Barkovskaya. The roles were played by: Stanislav Moskvin (John Smith), Olga Kulchitskaya and Anna Natalushko (Mary Smith), Natalia Shevchenko (Barbara Smith), Kirill Kashlikov and Maxim Nikitin (Stanley Pony), Victor Aldoshin and Mikhail Augustus (Papasha), Irina Buchko Smith), Alexander Kryuchkov (Gavin Smith).

Comedy "Too Happy Father" in two acts. Duration 2 hours and 35 minutes.