The testament of a chaste ladies' man

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Why should you go to the play The testament of a chaste ladies' man?

1. Interesting interpretation of the history of Don Juan
2. Author's musical accompaniment
3. A lot of comic techniques

"The testament of a chaste ladies' man" - the play of the National Kiev Theater of Russian Drama, whose name is already intriguing! And many of you were not mistaken if you realized that it would be a hero of all time - Don Juan. Before you appear, on the one hand, an unrivaled favorite of women, and on the other - a fierce of their haters.

And yet where is the logic? How is chastity combined with such a person? Ukrainian modern writer Anatoly Crimea will present his rake and womanizer Don Juan, who in the declining years repents of his sins and assures everyone of his innocence and innocence.

And he does not renounce women at all. They, of course, were. And even there is an exact number - 617. And by the way, he loved all madly, having taught to literally flit from overwhelming feelings, delight and absolute happiness. And he did not possess any of them. And on the stage - a dying evening, and the last confession is over. The monk who listened to him was stunned by what he heard and was captivated by the charm of the story about the sin of adultery. He even thinks, and whether to return to secular life?

A quite decent party is also located quickly. This is the daughter of Donna Anna, who came to avenge her long-suffering mother. And here the unskillful monk gives in to the chastity of the chaste ladies' man, trying to charm the young lady. He crumbles in the promises of the abyss of sweet feelings and love. So what is this, if not the last intrigue of the cunning Don Juan?

Scenography of the play - Sergei Shevtsov, production - Vitaly Malakhov. By the way, in the performance the original, author's music of Valery "DiDuLi" was used. Cast: Valery Zaitsev, Sergei Oziryaniy, Nikolay Rushkovsky, Oleg Savkin, Natalya Share.

Come! A fascinating comedy awaits you in 2 acts! The length of the performance is 2 hours 20 minutes (with intermission).

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