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Marco Concert knows that you love. And that's why he gives unforgettable meetings in the framework of the tremendous Ze Best Cinema Music project.

You can buy tickets for events in Kiev right now. Come to the concert and plunge into the world of legendary movie masterpieces - this becomes possible thanks to the special format of Ze Best Cinema Music. Retrospective to your favorite films. Meetings with the greatest heroes of all time. Complete immersion in the era and plot. Music is subject to everything.

It's no secret that it's precisely the well-chosen compositions that "make" the film. We learn the favorite movie from memorable melodies. And the Ze Best Cinema Music evenings help you survive the pleasant moments, scrolling in your imagination the events of the film - dramatic, comedy, biographical ...

At the concerts of Ze Best Cinema Music, the music of authors, whose style is loved and recognized by viewers from all over the world, sounds. This is John Williams, Ennio Morricone and other great authors who conquered Hollywood. Musical masterpieces from famous films are performed by such bright bands as Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra, National Academic Brass Band of Ukraine, National Academic Orchestra of National Instruments of Ukraine (NANI). Superman, Batman, Gladiator, 007: Coordinates Skyfoll, Breakfast at Tiffany, Avatar, Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Harry Potter, surely not one is your favorite movie. And you, of course, will enjoy your live performance of the most effective melodies from these films.

To find out what events Marco Concert will hold in the near future, a poster will help. Waiting for you!

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