Women's logic

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Why go to the play "Women's Logic"?

1. Female logic is a phenomenon that will never cease to be an object of public interest.
2. The performance makes you think about the power of the heart over the mind.
3. Answer the question: what is women's logic in reality?

The Kiev Theater of Drama and Comedy presents an exciting performance "Women's Logic." An eloquent title and a wonderful acting team will give you unforgettable impressions.

If you follow the traditional principles of female logic, it can be argued: reality does not determine anything, if there is a strong desire. And such an amazing, phenomenal feature is inherent in all the fair sex. The quality is magical and at the same time discouraging, the object of men's jokes and at the same time - an irresistible weapon ... For example, what kind of man would go to look for his beloved ... at the cemetery?

The answer is obvious. But the lonely woman went exactly there! And he meets two applicants at once. She needs to understand who will be a companion for life. And the decisive factor in this difficult business is, of course, the heart, not the head. Women's logic sweeps away everything rational in its path, admiring and at the same time scaring with its spontaneity and absurdity. But at the same time women's logic always goes to the winners. Come and enjoy it! Director - Tamara Antropova. See you!

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