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The most romantic program from the side project of Animal Jazz members. “Beauty” is the name of the new Zero People album, which was released in the fall of 2018 and immediately took off to the top of the iTunes and Google Play charts. In addition to the songs from the new album, the program will include all the best hits of the group, as well as some of the "forbidden songs."

Zero People is a unique phenomenon in the modern Russian scene. Having crystallized from the stadium format of the Animal Jazz group, Alexander Krasovitsky and Alexander Zarankin proved that “piano-rock” with confessional texts can collect thousands of rooms.

Their track record includes joint appearances with Yann Tiersen and Roisin Murphy, duets with Anna Pingyna and John Forte. Each Zero People performance becomes a revelation, whether it be chamber acoustics in a club or a concert-performance on a theater stage.

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