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Erotic melodrama "Thirst"

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Dear Spectators! We invite you on Friday and for the weekend to watch online sensual melodrama "THIRST", staged by the theater "Millennium" by Vladimir Nabokov

The recording of the play will be open for viewing from January 22 to 24.00 on January 24 and you will be able to watch the play at any time convenient for you, starting from Friday and throughout the weekend!


The feeling of thirst is familiar to each of us. Well, if you can quench it with just a glass of water… But what if you are overwhelmed by another thirst: the thirst for wild passion, the thirst for money, the thirst for power? Just crush it in yourself and live by the truth and conscience, or dare to tame it and risk crossing the line for what is allowed?
It is with such a sensual thirst and faced our protagonist. He meets a young girl, to whom he suddenly begins to feel an irresistible sensual attraction. A man cannot be stopped by his own marriage or the secrets of the seductive Stranger's past. And at first he does not suspect that in this mysterious past of hers are shadows that threaten him and even his life…

This is a piercing and emotionally deep performance, which will make you empathize, live with the characters of this story, pass it through yourself like a current. It is an open conversation with the audience about Love and about burning, unquenchable Passion, about denying moral prohibitions and destroying one's own boundaries of what is allowed, and about the price you have to pay for it, about the actions after which life will never be the same …


Anna, the costume designer of the Theater, a review after the first viewing of the play "THIRST", autumn 2019, posted on Instagram:

It was a play called The Thirst of the Millennium Theater. I was so used to their humorous performances that it knocked me off track… I returned to the dressing room after the performance in tears. With one single wish, hug and thank them.
Lately, I've been catching myself thinking that I've become less sensitive. But this performance raised such a storm of feelings in me that it is impossible to convey. It just needs to be felt, and they need to be experienced.
I recommend everyone to visit this performance.
Actors, thank you very much for this evening, for the opportunity to experience it with you, albeit indirectly, but to touch your world, so shaky when you build it by spreading props on stage and so real when you see your game… This evening was great. You are gorgeous! Thank you very much !!!

Svitlana, spectator, review of the play "ZHAGA" on the theater's website on December 2, 2019

A bold production that evoked real emotions. Emotions are different… Pleasant, when actors play passion, the desire to have .. and you believe them, you feel it in your stomach. Emotions and not very pleasant .. viciousness of open use for their own benefit, betrayal .. blind male and hypocritical female… In a short time, the plot and events on stage evoked feelings of love, pity and sympathy. After the performance, I didn't want to talk for a while. I wanted to feel and consider everything new inside me that appeared "artificially" thanks to the excellent, lively acting. Huge thanks and admiration to the director. I would love to see any new creation in your performance :) Creative inspiration and success!
Directed and set design by Olga Kanarchenko (Popova)
The artist is Natalia Bidenko
The plastic solution of the play is Vyacheslav Stanishevsky
Roles are performed by:

Bruno Krechmar - Alexander Mironov
Magda - Olga Kanarchenko (Popova)
Analysis - Alina Karpenko
Richard Horn - Boris Stanislavsky

Age restriction: 18+
Duration: 2 hours
The play is in Russian


To access the online broadcast recording of the play, you need to take 2 simple steps:
  1. Click on the "BUY A TICKET" button
  2. Make an online payment for the show viewing service ( cost - UAH 150 ) After that, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the viewing page, as well as a login and password and access instructions.
  3. Access to view the recording of the play will be open from Friday, January 22 to 24.00 on Sunday, January 24, and you will be able to watch the play at any time convenient for you.

You can watch the recording of the play on a Smart TV, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, ie on any device that is technically suitable for watching videos on the Internet.
Available video recording resolution - up to 1080p (FullHD)

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