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Why go to Jacques Anthony's concert?

1. Long-awaited tour of Rap-artist Jacques-Anthony
2. Ability to break into the new project of Jacques-Anthony "DroGo"
3. It's time to live to see what fans have been waiting for so long in all the cities.

"The same negro" Jacques-Anthony goes to conquer Ukraine and the CIS

Releasing his debut album "Inspired" in October 2015, he immediately caught the attention of the public, and got in all sorts of tops of reputable media. And such hits as "Do It Like" and "Fallen" have opened it for a mass listener.

In May 2016, the album "Dorian Gray Volume 1" was released, allowing us to confidently consolidate the position and significantly increase the army of fans. The natural development was the organization of a complete tour, the concert program of which included the best tracks released during the last year.

On October 30, 2017, Jacques-Anthony introduced his new "DroGo" project, which became the sequel to the Dorian Gray: Volume 1 album. To the new album included 15 tracks - completely solo.

Jacques-Anthony: "We performed very productively last year, gave people a lot of music, showed that they were rap in Russian. Now I decided to suspend work on a new album to completely rock up every city we will get. the reporting round before coming up to the top.I want to personally see all my people in different cities, give them the energy they saw only on my live video and get energy from them. "

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