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At the heart of the play by Olga Popova is the plot of V. Nabokov's novel Camera Obscura. And this can not but intrigue. There is no doubt: the production will impress you and give you vivid emotions. Hurry up to book tickets!

The main idea of the play is fully reflected in its title. In the work we are talking about all possible manifestations of human thirst - spiritual and physiological. Here the concept "is enough" is unacceptable. There is only the need to get more, more ...

To what can thirst lead us? The thirst for passion, love - stronger than ever, not knowing the beginning and the end. The questions that the heroes of the play are trying to find answers are really complicated: what motivates the human thirst, is it just for everyone to forget about morality and transcend its framework?

But what about the feeling of satiety? What will happen next: bitter reckoning or absolute impunity? To give answers, you need time. And the characters of the play will be given to you. Come to try to penetrate as deeply as possible into the human soul, understand it and become wiser.

Due to the chamberiness of the performance you can "examine" the hero's soul to the smallest detail. You will see the world through the prism of his personal perception, you will understand how sometimes blind and destroys a strong desire. After all, everything in life has to be paid ...

The play provokes lively discussions and leaves no one indifferent.

Waiting for you!

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