Woman in Million

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Why should I go to the Woman Woman for a Million?

1. Follow the saturated plot and wait for an unexpected solution
2. See an unusual combination of genres
3. Hold the evening in good spirits and laugh

Adventurous comedy with an erotic accent according to the play of the Italian playwright Eduardo de Filippo.

The combination of genres - adventurous detective, philosophical comedy and lyric melodrama, unpredictability of life stories, a kaleidoscope of human destinies in front of viewers - accomplices of events that are swiftly unfolding in one of the houses of the Neapolitan quarter.

Two married couples are facing serious troubles and huge debts. They are forced to take risks and invent a clever adventure, but the result of such a risky game turns out to be quite unexpected when a certain Mr. Attilio gets on the bait, which changes their habitual way of life by making a visit, forcing everyone to show their true face...

Roles are played by:
Rita - Mushteva Victoria, Darina Panasenko
Antonio - Dvoryankin Artur, Kuchinsky Alexey
Rodolfo - Alexander Lomko
Avgustino - Atamanyuk Artem, Sergey Detyuk
Bettina - Rudnitskaya Lyudmila
Roberto - Oleg Romanchenko, Raschuk Vladimir
Attilio - Bazay Anatoly

Director - Anfisa Kolenko

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