A woman of old times (Frau fon Fruher)

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Why should you go to the play A woman of old times?

1. One of the favorite performances of the Kyiv theatergoers
2. Emotional and complex plot
3. The story of how difficult it is to make choices, reconcile and forgive

There is nothing more terrible than an insulted woman, especially if her dearest love is touched! And it does not matter that the romantic feeling took place many years ago, and the former in love has long got a family that is not going to leave. On the stage of the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama, a story will unfold that will not leave you indifferent - the play "A Woman of Old Times".

"The Woman of the Past" by the Swedish playwright R. Schimmelpfennig is a unique production, which has become the brightest opening for Ukrainian theater-goers. Do not expect from viewing the presentation of ease and idleness! After all, before your eyes the history of the modern avenger will appear, in no way inferior to the passion of the mythical Medea.

An ordinary family. They lived together for 20 years. They have a teenage son and clear plans for the future. But everything collapses as soon as a mysterious woman in black appears on the threshold of the house and declares that from now on the father of the family belongs to her. She does not care that long ago feelings have faded away. Any other would have retreated, having learned that the beloved had grown cold, but not she. She will avenge and her revenge will be very cruel!

You will find a talented play of the best actors of the theater: T. Boyko (in the role of Romy), V. Semirozumenko (Frank), T. Ostapenko (Claudia), and A. Kryuchkov, Y. Smushakova, I. Buchko.

The length of the performance "The Woman of Old Times" is 1 hour 20 minutes, without intermission.