The woman is over us

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Why go to the show "Woman over us"?

1. A grand premiere that can not be missed
2. This enchanting comedy is an ingenious masterpiece
3. Unpredictable plot and irresistible laughter of spectators, and in the main roles - folk favorites!

The long-awaited premiere of the comedy "Woman over us" with the incomparable Lilia Rebrik, People's Artist of Ukraine Lesya Zadniprovsky and Honored Artist of Ukraine Constantine Kostyshin in the leading roles!

The spectators are waiting for an exciting journey into the world of theater and humor! Beloved and famous actors all over the country, connected not only with the theater, but also with the cinema - will invite you to dip into the bright atmosphere of the contemporary play.

"Woman over us" - it's Italian passions, unpredictable turns of the plot, intrigues, an unbeatable game of actors and, of course, laughter to tears! Thanks to the cool twist of the story, this comedy is seen by the audience in one breath!

The bright comedy "Woman over us" by the play of the Italian playwright and screenwriter Aldo de Benedetti was put by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Astakhov.

According to the story, a charming journalist, seniitor Paola (Lilia Rebrick), at first sight, conquers the heart of a respectable politician, Signor Leon (Les Zadneprovsky). Leone, being at a fairly respectable age, is still in love with a young seducer. But, unfortunately, the elderly age and the absence of male charisma prevent the MP from conquering Paolo. However, Leon does not give up. He concludes a contract with a young, no-one unknown playwright Pietro (Konstantin Kostyshyn) and publicly publishes his literary works for his own.

Leone gets fame and success, and Pietro - passion and passionate kisses Paola. Or maybe this insidious beastie is playing a double game? ... The final performance will be truly unexpected!

Unstoppable Italian passions, closely intertwined with the storyline, a brilliant game of starry actor's composition with a precise hit in the characters of the heroes will transfer all to true Italy, where boils of non-hostile battles. The comedy setting will cause a whole firework of emotions, forcing you to laugh from the soul and empathize with the heroes. This is a delicate humor and a brilliant game of great actors!

Come to the play "Woman over us" in order to enjoy the sparkling humor, filigree mistresses, classic Roman scenography and real Italian passions in the company of the favorite Ukrainian actors!

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