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The woman above us

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The play "Woman over us" in Lviv! The comedy play "Woman Over Us" will take place on February 15 at the Maria Zankovetska Theatre in Lviv.

Why should you go to the play "Woman over us" in Lviv?

  1. A loud premiere is a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day.
  2. The main roles are played by your favorite actors.
  3. Great mood and a sea of bright impressions are provided to each spectator.

Premiere of the comedy "Woman over us" in Lviv

On February 15, Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater will host the long-awaited premiere of the enchanting comedy "Woman over us". Embark on a journey through the turbulent world of humor and enjoy the brilliant performance of talented actors.

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Outstanding Ukrainian artists in the play "Woman over us" on the stage of the Maria Zankovetska Theatre

"The Woman Above Us" is a modern play that breathes Italian passion, intrigues and impresses with its sharp plot twists. In the center of events - a beautiful journalist Paola and conquered by a charming girl famous politician Senor Leon. However, even high status does not allow an elderly man to win the heart of Paola.

And Leon invents a cunning plan. He concludes an agreement with the playwright Pietro, who allows the politician to publish his own works as his own. Now Leon has fame, and Pietro has the affection of the seductive Paola. And maybe the beauty is playing a dishonest game?

Come, the finale of the play will surprise you!

Cast: Lilia Rebryk, Les Zadniprovsky and Konstantin Kostyshyn.

The author of the play is the Italian playwright and screenwriter Aldo de Benedetti.

The director of the play is Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Astakhov.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Woman over us" in Lviv?

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