Women. Fragment. Scandal without intermission

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"Women: A Fragment: A Scandal Without an Intermission." Three phrases. Three women are the only characters of the play. It's trite, but they just crave simple happiness. Only here to realize their dreams choose not the best methods ...

And it all starts with confusion. Tatiana, a sweet interpreter, was mistaken for her sister, the famous actress Tamara. Therefore, the journalist Elena, pretending to be a masseuse, reports to her impartial facts. With this string begins a series of cruel games.

One of the most exciting and intriguing lines of the drama is a journalistic investigation. Elena desperately picks on the women's clinics and maternity homes to write a sensational article as a result. True, it is not driven by the search for truth, but by a mercantile goal - to repel another's husband (Tamara's son).

A familiar world tragically collapses. And in the life of the heroines, unbidden trials and mental suffering burst. Is there any difference between betrayal and betrayal? Is it worth telling the truth to everyone and always? And how to forgive meanness? Come and find out if answers to these questions can return the former harmony.

Cast: Irina Duka (also director of drama), Natalia Share, Lydia Yaremchuk.

The duration of the production is 2 hours (without intermission for an intermission).

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