Fat pig

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Why should you go to the performance Fat pig?

1. Statement on the choice, humanity and kindness
2. To learn to be individual and tolerant
3. Find out what will be the final decision of the main character

Is it easy to love? Love a man who likes many, yes. And if the object of love does not fit into the generally accepted framework of beauty standards? If you have to defend yourself against the ridicule of others each time or hide from their sympathetic views? This is already more complicated.

When Tom met Ellen, he did not even suspect how difficult it would be for him to continue. Unexpectedly, in contrast to his feelings for the beloved on the scales was serious, categorically put the opinion of people whom he did not like and, in general, did not greatly respect.

But the author himself says best about the play: "In the "Fat Pig" I see myself. This story is about human weakness and the incredible difficulties that many of us face when trying to live, protect, preserve what they believe. And in this I am all - good intentions and surprisingly pathetic attempts to save face when it comes to business. Heroism is a difficult thing."

Will Tom stand the test that brought him love for an extraordinary, "non-standard" woman, or will he "succumb to a simple desire to please and fit into the dance of life"? The viewer will only know about this in the last moments of the play.

Production - Mikhail Reznikovich
Director - Olga Gavrilyuk
Scenography and costumes - Elena Drobnaya
Composer - Yuri Shevchenko
Sound producer - Alla Muravskaya
Translation from English by Mikhail Barsky

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Fat pig

02 March 2019 12:00


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