Life is a miracle

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Why is it worth going to the play "Life as a Miracle"?

1. You will learn the incredible life story of the great Piaf.
2. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of true Paris.
3. Hear legendary French love songs.

What can happen to you if one of your grandmothers owns a brothel, another alcoholic, your dad is a street acrobat, and your mother dumped you in your early childhood and you were born blind ?! What to hope for?

Only surprisingly! See and see the piano keys. The same black and white as the fate that awaits you ... And instead of complaining, hear the music and sing! Standing under a lantern on the dirty street of Paris, sing so that the whole world can hear you! Sing like no one ever did, neither before nor after you sang! Become a Wonder! Become a Piaf!

A performance about a miracle, love, addiction, a great woman, a little bird ...

"When I'm not dying for love, when I have nothing to die for - that's when I'm ready to breathe," - Edith Piaf. Come to the performance and we will die of love together with the beautiful actress Nika Zarutsky under the songs of the legendary Piaf.

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