Live movie "Flowers or Viennese coffee"

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Theatrok presents the Living Movie "Flowers or Viennese Coffee"

1913 and comes to an end. Vein. Empty cafe. Only Khristya behind the counter.

"Why is not anyone really famous for us? For example, someone from the opera tenors.My cakes are not worse than at the Vienna Opera, so when I get home and they ask me:" whom did you see in Vienna from the great people? "And that I "Joseph from a cheap boarding house who has been waiting all his life for someone to pay for his coffee, Leo, a provincial newspaper journalist, I'll say that I saw Zygmund, who was dissecting, unfortunate fish, until he began to lure money from unfortunate women. Adolf painted my portrait ... "

The twentieth century will still leave a bloody trail in the history of mankind forever. But for now ... 1913 is coming to an end. Externally winter Vienna. Inside the empty cafe smells cozy coffee. Only Khristya behind the counter. Come here to chat and drink coffee ordinary people ... artist Adolf, journalist Leo, Social Democrat Joseph and psychiatrist Zygmunt.

The playwright - Dmitri Korchinsky
Director and composer - Alexey Kolomiytsev

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