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The project "Winter Promenade" in Odesa! From February 1 to February 16, a series of concerts "Winter Promenade" will be held at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater.

Why is it worth going to the Winter Promenade in Odesa?

1. To hear in live performance the masterpieces of world classical music and opera.
2. To go on a journey through time and visit different eras.
3. To get to know the brightest representatives of modern opera.

Winter Promenade in Odesa: a unique project for true connoisseurs

From February 1 to February 16, concerts will be held at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater as part of the Winter Promenade project. The author and inspirer of the remarkable project is the main conductor of the theater Vyacheslav Chernuho-Volich. Come and enjoy the live performance of outstanding works included in the Golden Fund of the world classics.

Tickets can be ordered right now.

"Winter Promenade" or four amazing nights at the opera

For the sophisticated viewer, the author of the project "Winter Promenade" has prepared an amazing program. Real gourmet delicacies:

  • February 1 – Concert from the works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Strauss and Johannes Brahms;
  • February 8 – Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 9;
  • February 15 – opera "Pagliacci" by Ruggiero Leoncavallo, concert performance (with one intermission);
  • February 16 – opera "Cavalleria rusticana" by Pietro Mascagni, concert performance (with one intermission).

Where to buy tickets for the Winter Promenade in Odesa?

You can choose an event and order tickets to convenient places on the website. Issue electronic tickets or come to our ticket offices. Courier delivery is also available.

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