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The play "Live in Kyiv". The Golden Gate Theater in Kyiv presents an extraordinary production of Living in Kyiv.

Why is it worth going to the play "Live in Kyiv"?

1. Support young talented actors.
2. The format of the verbatim performance is the ability to immerse yourself in the problems of production as much as possible.
3. Bright characters, unusual situations, important topics will not leave anyone indifferent.

The play "Live in Kyiv"

We invite you to the Golden Gate Theater for the play "Live in Kyiv". The production format is verbatim. And this means you will plunge into the world of stories of real people whose thoughts, hopes, dreams will come true on stage. Authors define the genre of production as "young/funny".

The performance is staged as part of the Open Mind Student project.

Young actors in the play "Live in Kyiv" on the stage of the Golden Gate Theater

Your attention is the work of students of creative universities of the country. The performance reveals Kyiv as a city of great opportunities and serious challenges. Each has a story associated with him.

Young actors will present a production based on real stories. The performance includes such works: "0,5 dlya znayomstva", "Moyi pravyla", "Filosof", "Kozhen den' yak svyato", "Arhentynets'", "Koval'-ekstrasens" and other works.

Discrimination, bullying, relationships with parents and love experiences – young people will share what really excites them.

Author of prose – Tania Maliarchuk.
The director of the production is Stas Zhyrkov.
Director – Tania Hubrii.
Actors – Nataliia Mykhalchuk, Yuliia Mykhalchuk, Alina Likhinina, Andrii Maksymov, Anfisa Lazebna, Yurii Poliakov, Stas Mukhin, Kateryna Pauel.

The performance lasts 70 minutes.

For viewers from 14 years old.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Live in Kyiv"?

You can get tickets for the play "Live in Kyiv" at the Golden Gate Theater online or with delivery right now at

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