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Why is it worth going to Zlata Ognevic's concert?

1. The singer prepares a special program for her fans.
2. After the successful tour "Zapoly Vozgony" Zlatu is eagerly awaited in dozens of Ukrainian cities.
3. At the concert will sound like new works, and your favorite compositions in inimitable performance of an amazing vocalist.

Meet the unique and enchanting Zlata Ognevich with a new concert program! An unforgettable meeting is nearing and will surely become the brightest event of your spring.

After the actress performed in a number of Ukrainian cities in the framework of her large-scale tour "Zapali Vogon", the army of her fans increased significantly. And now the indefatigable singer is again ready to perform for a grateful audience with a special program. As you know, Zlata Ognevich does not give two identical concerts. She perfectly feels the emotional mood of the hall and always pleases with the performance of songs that really please the soul.

The actress does not get tired of surprising and presenting surprises to her fans. Zlata Ognevich came out on one stage with the world famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. Last year she won everyone by releasing the first dance clip. Hit "Танцювати" got into active rotation in Ukraine. Rapid discussions were accompanied by the performance of Zlata on the project "Voice of the Krainy" with the composition One Day. A nice gift for the fans was the presentation of the video for the song Domena on Valentine's Day.

Now you are waiting for the most beautiful musical show of spring. See you!

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