New Year's musical Conspiracy in Disneyland

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why should I go to the conspiracy in disneyland?

1. To solve the mysteries of the desert island of Moan.
2. Melt the icy heart of Elzy.
3. To dispose of Disneyland from a pack of pirates.

New Year's Eve - 2019!
Grand Show Musical "Conspiracy in Disneyland"

The biggest children's musical of the year!
At the same time on the stage 40 artists!

Favorite cartoon characters will gather on the same scene, in order to meet with the young spectators the new 2019 year. Kids along with the heroes will go on an unforgettable journey through fairy tales.

To unravel the mysteries of the desert island of Moan. Take the test in the enchanted castle of the monster to hear how the beautiful Belle sings. Melt the icy heart of Elsa and save the long-haired beauty of Rapunzel from loneliness. And eventually, disneyland is liberated from a pack of pirates. Is not this an adventure ?!

What is the Grand Show Musical "Conspiracy in Disneyland"?

- An exciting storyline!
- Favorite songs, inflammatory dances and games with the hall throughout the Show.
- The songs from the cartoons are performed by professional artists, finalists of the popular TV Shows!
- A huge panoramic screen for the whole scene, light scenery, accurate images and costumes.
- The musical will not leave indifferent either the adult or the child.
- Every minute the attention of the audience will be glued to the scene!

Fairy people are preparing Disneyland for the New Year. Everything is almost ready, but on the way to a happy moment appears insidious pirate Black Beard, his assistant Jack Sparrow and a whole army of pirates. Mostly in the world they love to ruin, but this time their main goal is to spoil the 2019 New Year's holiday in Disneyland. How will the fairy tale end - the pirates will become good or the people of Disneyland will remain without a New Year's holiday?

When? January 6, 2019, beginning at 12:00 and 15:00
Where? International Center for Culture and Arts (October Palace)

The musical is designed for children from 3 years of age and adults.
Duration - 1 hour.
Kids up to 4 years old are free entrance (without a separate seat, the child is sitting at the hands of an adult).

Give the kids joy! Come on to the premiere of the exciting New Year's musical "Conspiracy in Disneyland"!

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