Golden chicken

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Why should you go to the play "Golden Chicken"?

1. You will learn to make rhymes
2. Amazing musical tale
3. Incredible adventure

"Hens laid a testicle...". This fabulous "news" is known to all children. But imagine that "the mouse did not run, did not wave with a tail, the testicle did not fall and did not break.."! This is where it all started!

More precisely, this is the beginning of the play “Golden Chicken”, which is offered to young viewers and their parents by the actors of the theater “Ladybird”. Events in a fairy tale develop at lightning speed! Sly Fox and her comrade Wolf seized the golden egg... Soon a pretty Golden Chicken was born... What is waiting for him? How will he live in this world? Who will replace his mother hen?..

The answers to all these questions you get on the fairy-tale-musical "Golden Chicken". And, as in this musical, you are waiting for great songs, hot dances, bright costumes and... funny rhymes! But we will not tell anything again, because then there will be no surprise.

Hurry to a fairy tale!