Cinderella and the Theater of Shadows

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Why go to the play "Cinderella and the theater of shadows"?

1. Surprise the new touches of a long known story.
2. To rejoice that good always triumphs over evil, even when there is almost no hope.
3. Spend a wonderful evening with the family.

Theater of Shadows TEULIS has prepared a real New Year gift for you and your children - the performance "Cinderella and the Theater of Shadows"!

The past shows of the theater have delighted the audience of the capital and the whole of Ukraine, as well as Sweden, Japan, Italy and many other countries. Now it’s time for the premiere, and not for the usual one, but for the children! "Cinderella and the theater of shadows" - the first children's show of the theater.

The basis of the statement was, of course, the famous story of the authorship of Charles Perrault. Once upon a time there was a carefree, joyful girl surrounded by attention, care and love. But suddenly her mother died. The cruel stepmother and her evil daughter disliked Cinderella and in every way annoyed her.

But the heroine was not discouraged. Her sunny nature and natural optimism, along with incredible hard work and patience, helped to cope with difficulties. And for her patience she was fully rewarded! In the interpretation of this tale from the Theater of Shadows, TEULIS is also a happy ending, but with one “but”. Are you sure that everything happened exactly this way, if the plot did not develop 200 years ago, but in our time?

You will enjoy the magic of shadow theater, 3D-technology and original music created by highly professional composers. Just imagine how exciting it is to see sewing a 3D dress for Cinderella! Or be inside the magic hours last minute before midnight!

Come - real miracles are waiting for you! By the way, for children under 5 years old - admission is free (without providing a separate place).

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