Cinderella and Shadow Theater

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New Year's gift from the Shadows Theater "TEULIS" - the play "Cinderella and the Shadow Theater".

Families of Kiev, cities of Ukraine, Italy, Japan, Sweden, many other countries applauded the show of shadow theater "TEULIS". It's time for the premiere, the first children's play "Cinderella and the Shadow Theater."

The plot of the play was based on the famous story written by Charles Pierrot. There was a girl, joyful and carefree. She was surrounded by love and attention. But soon it was time for her mother to die, and then her father. Cinderella had to live with her brutal stepmother and her daughter.

To the great happiness of the heroine, she was endowed with endless positive and optimistic, incredible patience and diligence, and for that she was rewarded in full. In the fairy tale "Cinderella and the Shadow Theater" is also a happy ending. But are you sure that in our time everything would have happened exactly as it did 200 years ago?

The combination of genre of shadow and 3D technology, author's music created by composers of the highest level, make the old story new and unique.

You want to see how the real miracles are created: to see how the fairies sew Cinderella a real 3D dress, to be in the middle of the magic hours a minute before midnight? Then hurry up to our show!

Children under 5 years without a separate seat are free.

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