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Why is it worth going to the play "Cinderella"?

1. A funny story will be presented to the young spectators by merry clowns.
2. Beautiful music, professional choreography - great funds for the development of creative talent children.
3. The performance will show the guys that good and faith in good always win evil.

We invite you to a wonderful performance "Cinderella"! The setting will pleasantly surprise the children and please adults. Come as a family!

A famous story about a poor girl will tell the audience funny clowns. Fate has prepared many trials for Cinderella. But neither the evil stepmother nor the harmful sisters could prevent her from being happy.

The presentation will immerse in the world of fairy tales thanks to beautiful scenery, bright costumes, musical and dance accompaniment. Besides, you will see unusual tantamaresque dolls. There will be other surprises! See you!

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