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Why go to Cinderella?

1. To visit in a real fairy tale.
2. Believe in the magic of the New Year.
3. Make sure good always conquers evil.

For the New Year everyone is waiting for a miracle. And this miracle will be on the ball at the King and Queen.

This is a moving and wise story, which is loved by all children and adults, about a kind, positive, hard-working and patient girl named Cinderella, who submissively mocks her stepmother and her daughters. She dreams of great and bright happiness, and for her kindness all wishes are realized ...

We invite you to see the old familiar story in a new way. The play is full of true wonders and magical transformations, humor, craziness, music and dance. You will be captured and enchanted by a good fairy tale about sensitive hearts, bright feelings, spiritual kindness and everlasting dream of everyone about the happy fulfillment of all desires.

Director-producer - Lyubov Titarenko Honored Artist of Ukraine.

For children under 3 years of age the entrance is free of charge.

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