Spectacles and bread

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Why is it worth going to the spectacle "Spectacles and Bread"?

1. The stunning game of KhKhAT artists will cause real and genuine emotions.
2. The performance from the unexpected side will reveal the difficult theme of the actors' life.
3. The viewer can look inside from the inside to the theatrical "kitchen" and think about the role of the theater in the life of a person.

Kiev Classic Art Alternative Theater is a comedy from the life of the actor "Spectacles and Bread." Real art: how to consider it? And is it really a hard actor's "bread"?

These talented artists will try to answer these difficult questions. We suggest that the viewer also formulate his own opinion. Be sure to come! The theater will present the play based on the play of the Israeli author (Ukrainian by origin) Alexander Karabchievsky "Spectacles and Bread, or Provincial Tale".

The plot is based on a story about how a group of actors of a modern theater is putting on a children's play "Little Red Riding Hood". And everything would be fine - satisfied viewers, a spectacular game, - yes, that's just staged with "overlays". And the thing is that the artists create a new story on the stage, revealing them as heroes, authors and even the public.

KHAT is a unique Ukrainian theater that has no analogues in our country. His artists are laureates of international prizes. And each production is a source of vital energy for the viewer and an emotional realization for talented actors. Waiting for you!

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