Star B

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Why is it worth going to the play "Star B"?

1. Enjoy an excellent romantic comedy with the brilliant actors of the famous theater.
2. Learn a fresh and unusual look at familiar things.
3. Become a member of the action, the depth of which does not allow viewers to take their eyes off the stage.

Creative team KHATa invites you to the production of "Star B"! The play is an original continuation of the story, based on the eponymous film by Mikhail Kozakov based on the play by the Romanian writer M. Sebastian.

The premiere took place in 2015, and the production immediately attracted the attention of viewers, and gained a lot of positive reviews from critics. Unconventionality of the performance consists in an unusual director's decision: the author's personal life with its main vicissitudes has found a reliable and successful impression in this modern production of the theater.

What is the play about? About love - this is an exciting topic at all times. A strong and independent feeling, embodied every time in a new way. Therefore, the fate of the characters from the past remain exciting for modern viewers. You will see an elegant comedy, presented in the original interpretation of the directors of the KHAT. You will be surprised by unusual finds and ambiguous interpretations, a touching game and subtle psychologism. "Star B" is a play with an irresistible charm. Come to try a theatrical delicacy for the experienced spectators. Waiting for you!