Stars of Hotel Chudasia

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Why go to the Chudasia Hotel Stars?

1. Interesting story of the author and old good Christmas tunes
2. Always a taboo story about the power of choice and the power of dreams
3. A wonderful Christmas fairy tale, which you can come with the whole family

"Stars of the Hotel Chudasya" will welcome you this time at the Kiev Small Opera! The total immersion for Christmas magic will be on schedule: December 23 at 16:30 and 19:00!

The dance-theatrical event in which there is everything: history is close and understandable to all, at the same time, mysterious and magical; Bright dance numbers - Hip-Hop, Breaking, Contemporary, High Heels, Jazz-funk, as well as familiar Christmas tunes, humor and festive mood! The rating of our hotel - 100 stars-participants!

"The Wonderland And It's All!" - everyone who first visits the snow-capped "Chudasya" hotel for Christmas will shout. What does he keep - treasures or a trap for his guests? Agnija from childhood lives here, cultivating a dream - to learn the history of her past and find her father. Together with her, we will expand the portals to new worlds, evil magic, world years, the ice of the North Pole. Who will be next - enemies or friends? What is good and what is evil? And will this evening be the real miracle of all of us?

We invite children and adults to a fairy tale near our Christmas cozy fireplace! Will be warm to everyone!

The idea / director - Tanya Vasilkevich
Choreographers - Mixstyle Dance Studio
Artist Mixstyle Dance Studio & Mobius Art Projects

A phonogram and live sound are used

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