Call from the past

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Why is it worth going to the play "Call from the Past"?

1. The statement is inherent in a deep psychology: you, without detaching yourself, will follow every step of the characters.
2. The play touches upon the problem of a person's moral choice.
3. The ending of an unusual love story will become a bright culmination.

On the stage of the Kiev theater of drama and comedy is an emotionally intense and profound production of "Call from the Past." Do not miss!

In the "game" - as one would have guessed, three. She is a happy wife and mother of two children. But somewhere He remained - a devotee and rejected. Both live a measured life, immersed in the problems of everyday life ... Live somehow, without each other ... Trigger cake is suddenly a phone call. It is necessary to go back to the past and dot the "i".

Will it be possible to return the former relationship? Events of the play unfold around a woman and two men, but this is not a classic love triangle. One of the heroes takes a risk, organizing a bold psychological experiment. The choice becomes truly serious and complex. What to prefer: decency or craftiness, truth or betrayal? Particularly exciting is the finale. The director is Vladimir Tsyvinsky. Come!

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