1. How to find out the price of tickets and clarify whether they are available?

Easy! From the full list of concerts on the main page of our website http://www.concert.ua/main choose the one that interests you, and click the button "Buy a ticket". If seats with landing - you will see a scheme on which you can choose a particular place (color denotes a price category):
• Mugs of gray color - places sold out
• Mugs of all other colors - empty spaces
Hover your mouse to the free space - information about its cost and detailed location will be displayed. If the concert does not provide places with a seat or places at tables - you can buy a ticket to the fan zone (standing near the stage) or VIP-zone (places of increased comfort).

2. How can I book tickets?

On the page of the selected concert press the button "Buy ticket", "Basket" or "Plus". After that, select the desired number of tickets and their type, delivery method (issue an e-ticket or courier delivery), the most convenient method of payment and fill out a short questionnaire of personal data. It sounds difficult, but in reality it's just a minute of time!

3. What is an e-ticket?

An electronic ticket is a great way to get a ticket for the chosen event almost instantly! After successful payment - an e-ticket will be sent to you by e-mail (no, we are not the "Battle of Psychics" and do not know your e-mail, you specify it when placing the order). The ticket can be printed on a regular printer (black and white will do) or simply downloaded to your smartphone / tablet and presented at the entrance (its unique barcode will be scanned, impossible to forge)! If you can not open the pdf-file (your tickets), download the free AdobeReader program here.

4. Is it real, for real?

Sure thing! Each ticket contains a unique barcode. It can not be selected / generated. Therefore, if you yourself (or your trusted persons) purchased a ticket through the Сoncert.ua system , you can be sure - tickets are real!

5. What if I do not have an e-mail?

Then it is worth creating. We recommend www.gmail.com.

6. How to pay for a ticket?

There are several ways. Choose the most comfortable for yourself:
• payment card of any bank
• through payment terminals of self-service (iBox, PrivatBank, EasyPay, Qiwi, City-Pay - only on the territory of Ukraine)
• cash to courier or box-office

Details are here

7. What if I do not have VISA / Mastercard and I do not want to receive the delivery?

Getting simple VISA Electron or VISA Internet card (virtual card) takes only 15 minutes. Please contact the nearest branch of a commercial bank. For registration you will need a national passport and identification code. Do not forget to immediately ask to open an option of payment for goods via the Internet (this applies to VISA Electron cards) for your card. Then you will only have to put the necessary amount of money on the card. Believe me, you will use this card many times. It's very convenient.

8. What to do and where to run, if the ticket did not come to the e-mail?

First check the Spam / Junk Mail folder (it happens that the letter with the ticket is lost somewhere there). And check your personal account on the Concert.ua site. Make sure that the payment was successful (contact your bank if you paid with VISA / MasterCard), then call us on +38 044 222 00 22 (063 655 99 33), or write a request to [email protected]) Our cool managers are happy to help you from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 20:00 / c Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00

9. What if the concert was canceled?

Concert.ua is not the organizer of concerts and is not responsible for the cancellation or postponing of the event. We always do SMS and e-mail newsletters with instructions how and where you can return money for tickets. Also information is published on the page of the event and our posts in social networks. facebook.com / instagram.com

10. Can I return a ticket if my personal plans change?

Tickets, according to the "Terms of the contract-offer" are subject to return only in case of cancellation of the event. But we all are people and we understand that there are unforeseen situations. Describe your situation and send it to [email protected] or leave a request here and we will be happy to do our best to help you and resolve it. The application must be sent at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the event, the ticket was purchased for.

The request is considered within the next 24 business hours.

If you receive a positive response from the organizer, 10% of the nominal value of the order will be charged for the return / replacement of tickets.

11. The ticket does not indicate my name. Can I use this ticket?

Definately! At the entrance a unique barcode of the ticket is scanned, the name that is indicated on it does not matter (in very, very rare cases - the ticket can be personal, but then you will be notified about that when placing the order). Therefore, you can easily buy tickets for gifts for your friends and relatives.

12. What should I do if I lose / damage a ticket?

You have to know that the ticket on the thermobank can not be exchanged or recovered. Electronic ticket can be easily restored by downloading and printing it from the e-mail or your personal profile on the Concert.ua site

Do not show on the social networks a photo of your ticket, where you can see the barcode - this can cause an obstacle when you attend a concert.

13. Service charge

Service fee is a charge for reservation services, order processing and service.

14. What is a return guarantee

This is your "insurance" in case of sudden change of plans, illness or any other reason why you can not or will not want to use tickets and at the same time wish to return your money.

Purchase of such service guarantees the refound of the nominal value of all tickets in the order according to your request. The return guarantee does not cover cases of cancellation and postponing of an event. You can add it to the event order, where it is available. The cost of it is 5% -15% of the face value of tickets (depends on the event).

Request for a refund should be sent not later than it is specified in the terms of the guarantee. They can be seen in a letter that comes to the e-mail after the order has been paid.