Architects 08 December 19:00, Sat Architects Stereo Plaza. Small hall, Kyiv from 36.06 EUR Architects Don't wish 08 December Architects Stereo Plaza. Small hall Buy Stone Sour 18 November 19:00, Sun Stone Sour Stereo Plaza, Kyiv from 36.33 EUR Stone Sour Don't wish 18 November Stone Sour Stereo Plaza Buy Tokio Hotel 17 June 20:00, Mon Tokio Hotel ATLAS, Kyiv from 36.33 EUR Tokio Hotel Don't wish 17 June Tokio Hotel ATLAS Buy Poets of the Fall 19 February 20:00, Tue Poets of the Fall ATLAS, Kyiv from 39.36 EUR Poets of the Fall Don't wish 19 February Poets of the Fall ATLAS Buy Eros Ramazzotti 08 October 20:00, Tue Eros Ramazzotti Palace of sports, Kyiv from 36.33 EUR Eros Ramazzotti Don't wish 08 October Eros Ramazzotti Palace of sports Buy