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Want to take tickets for a concert, festival, performance, and do not worry that plans will change and you will not be able to go?

Great to understand you! Concert.ua represents an opportunity of automatic guaranteed return of funds. From now on, when choosing events, pay attention to the icon " Guarantee of refunds ". If it is on the event description page, this means the following: you can, at your own discretion (for any reason) return up to 90% of the nominal cost of tickets to the same card from which the order was paid at any time before the date set by the organizer give.

How does it work?

  • On the event description page in the Ticket Ticket, look for the "Refund Guarantee" icon and click on the question mark next to the question (?) - see the return conditions set for this event (which part of the face value is returned and which is the exact date and time for the automatic return)
  • If the ticket booking for this event is paid by your bank card or through Masterpass, go to the Personal account (section "My tickets") on the site Concert.ua. There you will see all your paid orders for events that have not yet gone through.
  • In the block of the desired event, click on the "three dots" in the upper right corner and click "Request Refund ...". Review the amount for automatic refund and confirm the request.
  • Within three banking days, funds will be returned to the same card with which the order was paid. Tickets will be automatically canceled, they will no longer be able to hit the event
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