Promo: Get +300 for every 1000

Imagine how we'll miss live communication with friends, movies with its popcorn and big screen, dance events, theaters, emotional explosions at concerts and singing in unison!

And when the opportunity to feel it all comes back, we'll with rush begin to make up for what was lost. It will happen. How to prepare for this with benefit?

CONCERT.UA PROVIDES “300 for 1000” campaign till 03.04.2020

For each full 1000UAH for tickets in the order we together with the organizers will present the Certificate for 300UAH!

For example, if the nominal value of tickets in the order is 1000UAH, you get a Certificate of 300UAH, if 1900 - also 300, if 2050 - 600, 3200 - 900, etc. certificates will be sent by email on Mondays: 23.03, 30.03, 06.04 (for paid orders from Sunday to Saturday inclusive).

The certificate can be used on from 09/01/2020 to 08/31/2021. Certificates are summed up when used, so you can apply more than one order.