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Друга Ріка 08 March 19:00, Fri Друга Ріка Kyiv, Palace of sports from 8.79 EUR Друга Ріка Don't wish 08 March Друга Ріка Palace of sports Buy One in Canoe 21 April 19:00, Sun One in Canoe Kyiv, October Palace from 12.12 EUR One in Canoe Don't wish 21 April One in Canoe October Palace Buy Machete accompanied by a Chamber Orchestra 14 March 19:00, Thu Machete accompanied by a Chamber Orchestra Kyiv, Jovtnevyi Palats from 8.79 EUR Machete accompanied by a Chamber Orchestra Don't wish 14 March Machete accompanied by a Chamber Orchestra Jovtnevyi Palats Buy Sergey Babkin Kvartirnik 14 March 19:00, Thu Sergey Babkin Kvartirnik Kyiv, House of Cinema from 15.15 EUR Sergey Babkin Kvartirnik Don't wish 14 March Sergey Babkin Kvartirnik House of Cinema Buy Vera Polozkova 24 March 20:00, Sun Vera Polozkova Kyiv, October Palace from 8.48 EUR Vera Polozkova Don't wish 24 March Vera Polozkova October Palace Buy Alex Clare 25 March 19:00, Mon Alex Clare Kyiv, HC KPI from 10.61 EUR Alex Clare Don't wish 25 March Alex Clare HC KPI Buy LP 14 April 19:00, Sun LP Kyiv, Palace of sports from 30.27 EUR LP Don't wish 14 April LP Palace of sports Buy Bahroma 24 April 19:00, Wed Bahroma Kyiv, ATLAS from 10.61 EUR Bahroma Don't wish 24 April Bahroma ATLAS Buy Tayanna. Fantastic Woman 09 March 19:00, Sat Tayanna. Fantastic Woman Kyiv, Bel etage from 20.61 EUR Tayanna. Fantastic Woman Don't wish 09 March Tayanna. Fantastic Woman Bel etage Buy Estas tonne 20 April 19:00, Sat Estas tonne Kyiv, October Palace from 15.15 EUR Estas tonne Don't wish 20 April Estas tonne October Palace Buy The 1975 01 August 19:00, Thu The 1975 Kyiv, Art-zavod Platforma from 33.03 EUR The 1975 Don't wish 01 August The 1975 Art-zavod Platforma Buy Improv Show Improv Show 5 Events Improv Show 22.02 - 29.03.2019 Caribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz Caribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz 8 Events Caribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz 22.02 - 25.04.2019 Classical Music of Love 09 March 19:00, Sat Classical Music of Love Kyiv, House of Scientists from 3.94 EUR Classical Music of Love Don't wish 09 March Classical Music of Love House of Scientists Buy Juliet and Romeo Juliet and Romeo 2 Events Juliet and Romeo 27.03 - 25.04.2019 Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 2) 13 April 19:00, Sat Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 2) Kyiv, October Palace from 13.64 EUR Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 2) Don't wish 13 April Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 2) October Palace Buy Pavel Ignatiev. Seventh heaven 27 February 19:00, Wed Pavel Ignatiev. Seventh heaven Kyiv, In-Jazz from 7.58 EUR Pavel Ignatiev. Seventh heaven Don't wish 27 February Pavel Ignatiev. Seventh heaven In-Jazz Buy Kinorganum. Cinema Authority 02 March 19:30, Sat Kinorganum. Cinema Authority Kyiv, from 6.06 EUR Kinorganum. Cinema Authority Don't wish 02 March Kinorganum. Cinema Authority Buy Nino Katamadze 26 May 19:00, Sun Nino Katamadze Kyiv, October Palace from 10.61 EUR Nino Katamadze Don't wish 26 May Nino Katamadze October Palace Buy Mountain Breeze 12 May 19:00, Sun Mountain Breeze Kyiv, Тёплый Ламповый from 7.58 EUR Mountain Breeze Don't wish 12 May Mountain Breeze Тёплый Ламповый Buy Ara Malikian 13 June 19:00, Thu Ara Malikian Kyiv, National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" from 10.61 EUR Ara Malikian Don't wish 13 June Ara Malikian National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Buy Lewis Capaldi 18 November 19:00, Mon Lewis Capaldi Kyiv, CARIBBEAN club There're no tickets Lewis Capaldi Don't wish 18 November Lewis Capaldi CARIBBEAN club Buy