Misanthrope Theater

Theater Misanthrope makes plays, tries not to do stupid things, respects intellect, suffers from allergy to dullness, does not see the sense to match the genre, format, market, expectations, quite often climbs into the bottle, dances, sees the theater as the most alive of the arts, dies daily, shed tears, says he thinks, does not explain where it is not clear, it is useful, unbearable, sharp, impatient, but!... Always, always, always ready for dialogue!


Oresta Oresta 3 Events Oresta 25.01 - 14.02.2019 Blindness 24 January 20:00, Thu Blindness Kyiv, Port creative hub from 12.12 EUR Blindness Don't wish 24 January Blindness Port creative hub Buy Goliath Goliath 2 Events Goliath 27.01 - 24.02.2019