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For the first time in Ukraine sand animation and live sound of the orchestra are combined, in the future a series of concerts where the visual component is represented by Ebru is an ancient art of painting on water. In order to popularize the trend of classical music among children (often it does not sound in the information field), the cycle "Tales with the Orchestra" was created. In this cycle, famous actors of Ukraine read fairy tales to the accompaniment of the orchestra, as well as drawings on water and sand appear on one screen.

Tours of theaters from other cities are organized: Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Zaporozhye. Thanks to this, the people of Kiev have an opportunity to evaluate theatrical life from different parts of the country. Together with the theatrical agency "Te-Art" began to be created performances for which the best directors and actors of the country are involved. The main goal of this process was to show the Ukrainian audience quality, entrepreneurial projects. At the moment these are such performances: "Chaos. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, "" What women are silent about, "" Bachelors and Bachelors "


The Snow Queen. Fairy tales with orchestra The Snow Queen. Fairy tales with orchestra 3 Events The Snow Queen. Fairy tales with orchestra 28.12 - 30.12.2018 Bachelors and Bachelors 11 November 19:00, Sun Bachelors and Bachelors Киевская Консерватория, Kyiv from 130 EUR Bachelors and Bachelors Don't wish 11 November Bachelors and Bachelors Киевская Консерватория Buy Dinner for three 09 December 19:00, Sun Dinner for three Киевская Консерватория, Kyiv from 120 EUR Dinner for three Don't wish 09 December Dinner for three Киевская Консерватория Buy New Year's detective New Year's detective 2 Events New Year's detective 22.12 - 23.12.2018 New Year hits 23 December 19:00, Sun New Year hits Киевская Консерватория, Kyiv from 160 EUR New Year hits Don't wish 23 December New Year hits Киевская Консерватория Buy Winter evening with classics Winter evening with classics 3 Events Winter evening with classics 28.12 - 30.12.2018