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5 Vymir

About the artist


5 Vymir - photo №1 5 Vymir
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5 Vymir - modern heroes of intelligent indie rock from Kyiv.

This is the title given to the band members during their 15-year musical history. Mistolinia's debut release was included in 100 major albums created during Ukrainian independence.

A turning point for 5 Vymir and a way out of the "narrow circle"

Band 5 Vymir, founded in 2006, has actually been a "hipster band" for a long time. And the performances of musicians gathered relatively few spectators. However, the guys themselves did not see anything terrible in this trend and noted with absolute confidence: “Let no more than 300 people come to our concerts. However, these are people who are really happy to see each other… and it's great . "

But the period of "narrow" meetings did not last long. And now the Fifth Dimension can be seen at all major festivals in the country. The band performed as the headliner of the Belgian band Balthazar, played on the stages of Krakow and Berlin.

In 2016, 5 Vymir really experienced a turning point. Was there a threat of disintegration? - So. Has there been a creative stagnation. - It happened. But the guys came out of a difficult situation, which sooner or later can be any creative team that is looking for themselves. So the army of 5 Vymir fans continues to grow, and the evolution of one of the main indie bands in Ukraine continues.

EP "Karma": an album that divided the audience into fans and haters

The mini-album "Karma" became the last release in the history of the band and was released in 2019. At the same time, the two previous studio albums "Mistolinia" and "New Names" were a huge success and immediately entered the list of the best authoritative domestic critics.

So why did this record make a really polar impression on the listeners? But does everyone? Probably, not everyone is able to comprehend that boundless Fifth Dimension! We will not give answers to all questions at once. Just listen to the tracks and draw your own conclusions.

Today the group consists of:
  • Konstantin Pochtar - vocals, guitar
  • Vadim Lazarev - vocals, keys
  • Roman Garkavenko - guitar
  • Semyon Tereshchenko - drums
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