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Alaioli - photo №1 Alaioli
Alaioli - photo №2 Alaioli афіша
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Alai Oli is an independent indie band formed by Olga Marquez and Alexander Shapovsky in 2004. The name of the group means "bear positive" as the members of the group themselves say and really confirm this with their songs.

Over 8 years of creativity, the Alai Oli group has become popular not only in the countries of the former CIS and has gathered a large fan base of lovers of their positive creativity .. Alai Oli music leaves no one indifferent, winning the hearts of millions with its spontaneity, openness, humor and independence.

Energy Music Alai Oli

In its creative search, the group came to a unique and recognizable style - “emo-reggae-core”. The songs are influenced by such reggae legends as Bob Marley and Manu Chao. The poems of the vocalist and part-time one of the founders of the group, Olga Marquez, amaze with their sincerity, and her inimitable voice is breathtaking, penetrates the skin, and touches even the most seasoned hearts. Their texts carry a phenomenal energy, and the touching performance is easily scattered among the audience and instantly become hits.

Alai Oli has six interesting albums:

  • 2007 - “Yes, bro?”
  • 2008 - Snowy Barcelona
  • 2011 - Satta Massagana
  • 2012 - Lullabies for Rudboy
  • 2016 - “Balance and Depth”
  • 2018 - Alice

Each concert of this group is unique. Along with new hits at each concert, spectators can also hear “draft” songs. Alai Oli at each concert play live, improvise, are in constant contact with the audience and share with each his incredible energy and positive.


Feel with all your heart the creativity of the unique Alai Oli band visiting their concert in Ukraine. See the poster and buy tickets on the site Сoncert.ua. You can purchase tickets online or by courier. See you at the concerts!