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About the artist


ALEKSEEV - photo №2 ALEKSEEV афіша

ALEKSEEV is a popular Ukrainian singer, semi-finalist “Voice of Ukraine-4” by 1+1, the representative of Belarus at Eurovision-2018.

Bright hits of ALEKSEEV

The music of Nikita Alekseev is an absolutely new sound in the world of domestic show business. The songs are instantly accepted by the public and are conquered by the radio! His megahit "Pjanoe Solntse" gained the status of a platinum single on iTunes, and also hit the top 100 of the Shazam world ranking.

Alekseev - the nominee and winner of many Ukrainian music awards:

  • - “The best song” (“Sberegu"), the Musical platform 2019;
  • - “Singer of the Summer”, M1 Music Awards: 4 seasons 2018;
  • - the song "Chuvstvuyu Dushoj", Musical Platform 2017;
  • - “Breakthrough of the Year”, M1 Music Awards 2016;
  • - “Discovery of the Year”, YUNA 2016.

And this is just the beginning. The speed and perseverance with which the artist conquers creative Olympus is really impressive.

Concerts of the phenomenon of the musical world

Concerts of ALEKSEEV - soulful and atmospheric music shows, a combination of a unique timbre and a unique manner of performance. That feeling of lightness and happiness when you forget about everything in the world. It remains only the stage, a talented artist and favorite hits.

With the debut album ALEKSEEV traveled all over the country, collecting notices. The final concert in Kyiv was attended by about 3000 people! In its arsenal there are not only Ukraine, but also Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Israel... He easily and gladly gathers full halls in different parts of the world. Because the concert schedule is painted for a long time ahead.

Want to get to the concert of a popular artist? Follow the bill of speeches in your city. We recommend buying tickets in advance, sold out for a performer of this level is a familiar phenomenon.

“Past us, past us drunken sun, it will go away and will not return”... Or, on the contrary, will it come back? It all depends on you! It is only important not to be noticed and to buy tickets in time.

See you at concerts of ALEKSEEV!