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Alexey Gorbunov

About the artist


Alexey Gorbunov - photo №1 Alexey Gorbunov
Alexey Gorbunov - photo №2 Alexey Gorbunov афіша
Alexey Gorbunov - photo №3 Alexey Gorbunov квитки

Alexey Gorbunov is a Ukrainian theater and film actor, musician and People's Artist of Ukraine. As a musician, Alexey writes albums and performs with the group “Sad pilot”.

The work of Alexei Gorbunov

Alexei Gorbunov is known primarily as an actor - at his expense, dozens of roles in television projects and feature films. However, now Alexei devotes a lot of time to music.

He regularly performs with the team “Sadness of the pilot”. Together they work on original compositions, organize creative evenings and apartment houses.

At such events, Alexey often performs songs by Vladimir Vysotsky. He does not seek to imitate the idol of the Soviet public, but thus honors the memory of a brilliant artist, performing his songs with notes of warm nostalgia.

"Vysotsky is like the first cigarette, the first LP of The Rolling Stones or The Beatles. The first and that which will be remembered for a lifetime" - says Alexei Gorbunov.

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