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Alina Orlova

About the artist


Alina Orlova - photo №1 Alina Orlova
Alina Orlova - photo №2 Alina Orlova афіша
Alina Orlova - photo №3 Alina Orlova квитки

Alina Orlova is a Lithuanian performer, songwriter and composer. She is recognized by her thin, high voice, emotional performance, and piano accompaniment.

Alina has been on the scene since 2005, and although critics did not predict a successful career for her, the singer continues to actively record albums and perform, collecting full halls.

Music by Alina Orlova

Alina Orlova sings in Lithuanian and Russian, and there are a lot of fairy tale motifs in the lyrics. This affects the sound, which can hardly be called simply atmospheric. So, two compositions of Alina sounded in the films “The Dark World” and “He-Dragon”.

Studio albums of Alina Orlova:

  • Belekokie (2005);
  • Laukinis šuo dingo (2008);
  • Mutabor (2010);
  • 88 (2015);
  • Daybreak (2018).

Many at one time learned about Alina thanks to her covers of two famous songs: “Love me, love” and “Clouds flew”. The singer performed them exclusively at concerts - these records can be found on Youtube.

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